Highest Suspension Bridge in United States

World renowned and busiest bridges placed in United States. These viaduct stats some innovative things in user mind and glow for new horizon. The long span of these flyover creates delightful images of every traveler. The whole United States is covered with unique and old ancient flyover. Each and every bridge has its own specification and length. In united state we have glow for some unique things.

Verrazano narrows bridge

Verrazano narrows

Golden gate bridge side view

Golden gate side view

The specialty in these bridges is now very long and perfect to stand at one place. The proper alignment and alternation of these viaduct are in perfect manner. On the other hand some new existence of cables affixed with bridges. Suspension viaduct with some longest span distance. Engineers have designed these viaduct with proper measurement and scales. Towers attached with bridges for the powerful support of bridges.

Highest Suspension Bridge in United States






Verrazano-Narrows Flyover

10,765 feet

New York


Golden Gate Cross over

4,200 ft



Mackinac Passover

3,799 ft



George Washington Flyover

3,501 ft

New Jersey


Tacoma Narrows Bridge Westbound

2,799 ft



Tacoma Narrows Bridge East bound

2,799 ft



New Carquinez Overpass

2,388 ft



San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

2,310 ft



Bronx-Whitestone Flyover

2,300 ft

New York


Delaware Memorial Bridge

2,152 ft

New Jersey


  •  Verrazano-Narrows Bridge rank first in Highest Suspension Bridge in United States

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  • Currency Sybmol of USA is $” US Dollar

The towers are main complexity for engineers to put first stability of these flyovers. Two long way narrow cross over build with pure concert and cement. Purified rods with strong steel imagination affixed the viaduct in smooth manner. At this platform the holding span of these flyovers attached with proper planning. Engineer put his marvelous concentration in the developing of these flyover. Specially the animation of cables arranges these bridges in smooth and reduces the resonance of overpass.

Delaware memorial bridge images

Delaware memorial images

George washington bridge new york

George washington new york

Mackinac bridge sunrise

Mackinac bridge sunrise

New Carquinez Bridge

New Carquinez

New san francisco oakland bay bridge

san francisco oakland bay

Tacoma Narrows Bridge East bound

Tacoma Narrows Bridge East bound

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Westbound

Tacoma Narrows Westbound

Bronx Whitestone bridge toll

Bronx Whitestone toll

Once the resonance is disturbed then this creates a compulsion in cross over. Sometime create some cracks in bridges. This is seemed to be world most famous place in United States. Because the history of longest pass over that we have discussed below. Many travelers has aim to visit these types of places and catch some eye attracting views. These views create some unique horizon in your life with power extension of strings.

The length of flyover with proper height makes some fresh things for you. This knowledge is now some time important for you at any place of your life. S0 visit these marvelous and famous places with contemporary vision. Delightful images for everyone seem here. Shiny crystal water and Bridges fall under water give a create images. Road way visitor stands at centre for most inspiration pictures gallery. All viaduct reflect wind in normal direction and stand in own side with power extensions. The length of viaduct  with proper height makes some unique  things for you.

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